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Tag: scratch card games

Bonuses explained

In case you are looking for some attractive incentives for playing online, you might be aware that sites likes offer various promotional bonus-packages for new players. The most common bonuses are the welcome, sign-up and of course the most popular of all – the no deposit bonus. The latter offers you the chance to sign up and play an online slot game without risking your own money at the beginning. No deposit bonuses can also be offered in form of free spins or in some cases in free play-time. The way it works is quite simple; the player gets a fixed amount of coins and time to play a selected online slot. Once the time is over the amount that’s above the initial coin value can be paid out as winnings or being used as additional bankroll to play the games on offer.

There are however a few requirements. In order to get the no deposit bonus paid out one has to play; it is also referred to as wagering requirements. Wagering requirements require that the bonus-amount must be played through X times before a withdrawal can be requested. Let’s assume the no deposit bonus-amount is £100 and the wagering requirements are 40X. In order to get a pay-out you have to wager £4,000 playing a selected online slot game.

Those offers are perfectly suited to build up a solid bankroll right from the start. Most players are not Highrollers, i.e. they don’t deposit and play for more than £500 a month. The importance of a bonus is to increase and keep a solid playing budget.

Another most common offer is the deposit bonus. This one specifically targets new players who have not yet signed up. Players who are new to the world of online casino games are advised to familiarise themselves with this offer because they are likely to encounter it more often.

Another incentive is the free spins welcome bonus. As the this offer suggests, this bonus gives a player a set number of free spins during a certain time period. This offer is great for new players who are looking to check out various online slot game offers without too much risk of losing they own money.

There are quite a few advantages about this type of bonus: A player isn’t required to make a deposit to enjoy the offer. Be aware that often these bonuses require a player to deposit a small amount of money or to fulfil the wagering requirements when they wish get their winnings being paid out.

Most bonuses might apply only to specific games. This is something that players should keep in mind. Some bonus-offer might apply just to a specific online slot game, another one to games such as scratchcards or roulette. Skill based games like blackjack and craps would yet be in another category where a different kind of bonus might apply to them. Whatever bonus you might look for, at there are a variety of them on offer, suitable for both casual players or Highrollers.

Bingo scratch card winner of the week

A bingo bonanza of winnings came true for Miss Kimberly C. who was playing an instant win game at a UK bingo scratch card site. She seemingly had a lucky day and won £10,000 playing the scratch card Gold Fever. She is normally a regular crazy ball and Reel King Slots player, but this time she followed her gut feeling and tried one of the amazing instant win games where the grand prize can be £30,000!
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Playing bingo scratch card games

There are quite a few ways of how to play bingo scratch card games; the result is basically the same. If you decide to scratch off the panels first and the give the wheel a spin and see the results, fine. Alternatively you can spin the wheel and see what numbers show up and then, slowly and steadily use your mouse or ‘virtual’ coin to reveal the scratch panels. The last option for the impatient players is the ‘Reveal All’ button.

I personally prefer the first options because it’s more entertaining and fun, plus an element of surprise and excitement. Most scratch cards, like bingo bonanza are dead easy to play. You simply press a button to spin the wheel and use the mouse to scratch off the panels. Whatever your preference is; those bingo scratch card games offer the same atmosphere of a real life bingo hall.

A short history about bingo

The origin of bingo is considered to be Italy. It is said to have evolved from a game called Lo Giuoco del Lotto Italia, a form lottery that was run by cities or regions. The bingo we play and know today first appeared in the 1770s and has created ever since a real bingo bonanza in some countries.

This was the first time when bingo cards were used. The cards or tickets were divided in nine vertical and three horizontal rows. Markers or playing chips with the numbers one to ninety completed the bingo set. Only later the numbers were called out, like we know it from a bingo hall of today, when the numbers were crossed out on a bingo ticket. The first player to achieve a certain combination or arrangement of numbers was declared the winner. Now you can even play bingo scratch card games.

Quite often nothing really can beat playing a different scratch card game. That’s really the beauty about those virtual scratch card tickets – different themes, variations and of course instant winnings! In case you love the atmosphere of a bingo hall an night out – play a bingo scratch card game. Prefer playing football without the hassle of participating yourself? Football scratchcards offer you the thrill of the match of the day, too!

In case you want a night out with the lads (leave your ladies at the bingo hall…), consider playing Crazy Ball. It’s one those scratchcards with a twist and a perfect excuse of visiting the bowling alley. No need to scratch off grey panels either. You’ve three bowling lanes and you throw your ball down the lane where you think you’ll get the highest score. If you succeed, you’ll be rewarded with a nice cash price – instantly!

Online scratch card – Bingo Bonanza

A bingo scratch card is like any other kinds of lottery scratch card, but it offers the real atmosphere of playing bingo online with a twist. Just think about the excitement and thrill while playing bingo at a bingo hall. Now you have it at the tips of your fingers or just a mouse click away. Bingo Bonanza offers you the same winning chances like all the other online scratch cards. One in three cards is a winner!

In case you haven’t played online bingo or online scratch cards yet, don’t worry. They’re easy and fun to play. Beginners should buy just a few cards that suit their bankrolls. The more cards, even with a lower card value, the higher the chances winning some cash. Always take the advantage of practicing with free scratchcards and make sure to get comfortable with the game. Wherever possible, play for free or in the so called fun mode. Enjoy and good luck!

Online Scratchcards Technical Features

Although many players thought that online scratch cards couldn’t give the ultimate gaming experience just like traditional scratch off tickets and there’s nothing thrilling in scratching online, it’s enough to make a quick look into the world of online scratch games to see how amazing an online scratchcard game could be. While traditional scratchcards also can give the possibility of instant winnings and excitement of wathing the winning symbols appearing, thanks to the game developers unlimited fantasy online scratch cards can add never-seen gaming features to the amusement.

The most notable difference between online scratchcards and their traditional anchestors is the animated graphics wich makes the games live together with sound effects. They make the scratchcard games enterteining and enjoyable. Additionaly when you play online your gameplay could be faster and more intensive than playing the paper-based scratchcards. Scratching online takes less time with your mouse clicks than scratching the coating physically so you can play more in a given time amount. The best scratchcarg games also conatin a so-called autoplay feature which makes the possibility to play even more games and give the chance to the optimal wining.

The original scratch cards contained different symbols and the only winning possibility was to find matching symbols or amounts under the coating but online scratch games could offer a multiple way of winnings to their players. Creative game designers added a huge selection of side games to the online scratchcards with double-or-nothing featuers, bonus games and other entertaining form of winning and nowadays some scratchcards games are rather some video slotmachines and they are very far from their origin.

If you want to give a try and experience the fun of online scratchcards could offer, why don’t visit right now?