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Tag: online slots

You might not believe it, but Elvis is back! Some Online Casino software developer had the crazy and funny idea to create an Elvis slot, rather than the usual Reel King slots, cops and robbers slots or some crazy ball games!
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Playing online bingo

For many years, decades and even centuries bingo has been played by a huge community of players who’re not keen about playing cops and robbers slots, poker, roulette, crazy ball lottery games or reel king slots. Maybe you are one of many people who uses the counter argument that playing at bingo halls is not a pleasant experience because they’re full of old ladies smoking and drinking sherry. Those days are, thanks to a general smoking ban in pubs, gambling premises; arcades etc. are over.

Those of you who already played games at online casinos or poker rooms, playing bingo online will see how popular it already is; a true bingo bonanza one could say. I recommend you give it a try; it’s as exciting and rewarding as playing bingo scratch card games. Most online bingo websites or rooms offer a live chat where you can chit chat or exchange tips and strategies with other players, too.

Games to play at online casinos

Playing at online casinos a close friend of mine told me is like entering a virtual game arcade, bingo hall or Las Vegas itself. In most cases this is a fact, thanks to the sheer huge variety of different sites and games. You fancy a night out at a bingo hall? Go ahead and give bingo scratch card games a try. You’re more the type of board gamer and you like to play against others? Try one of the free online mahjong games tournaments then.
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Online Slots – Cops and Robbers

Cops and Robbers slots are especially popular in the UK and they cane be played at selected UK casinos online. Like the Reel King slots, it is a typical UK fruit machine that you can find in every pub and social club all over the UK. The player has to escape from the police and avoid capture in the bonus round. The longer a player succeeds escaping for the cops, the higher the winnings.

The virtual versions of the Cops and Robbers slots have 3-reels, interactive bonus and skill feature; what you’d expect from a true UK fruity. The best feature is undisputedly the bonus round. This integrated feature is based on the bonus board of the 90s pub slot where you have to avoid capture by the police. The longer you achieve this, the more and higher your bonus winnings will be. The bonus feature is normally triggered if three matching symbols appear on the reels.

Online Slots – Reel King

Some gamers or avid players consider Reel King Slots as the true classic and most enjoyable of all online slots. Those classics can be found along other casino games like cops and robbers slots, bingo, keno and many more at most online casino websites.

A Reel King Slot words like any other kind of online slot. You chose the amount of paylines you want to activate and place a bet per activated line. You spin the reels or pre-select the amount of automatic spins and wait for a favourable result being displayed and some nice winnings paid out.

Reel King Slots also feature some stunning graphics compared to any other kind of classic slot games. This kind of slot game allows you in most cases to change and apply preferable settings, such as full or windowed screen, audio and image quality and many more.

Slot machine variations

Slots, pokies, and fruit machines – whatever you want to call them; they belong to the most popular games at a pub, arcade, land based and online casino. Compared with traditional casino games like blackjack, poker, etc. they are easy and fun to play. You place your bet for your spin and or payline(s), that’s it. Even though they’re a piece of cake to play, these good games can offer the players huge winnings.
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