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Tag: best scratch cards

Bingo scratch card winner of the week

A bingo bonanza of winnings came true for Miss Kimberly C. who was playing an instant win game at a UK bingo scratch card site. She seemingly had a lucky day and won £10,000 playing the scratch card Gold Fever. She is normally a regular crazy ball and Reel King Slots player, but this time she followed her gut feeling and tried one of the amazing instant win games where the grand prize can be £30,000!
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Bingo scratch card game – Bingo Mania

If you enjoy playing bingo, at a bingo hall or perhaps already online, then you’ll enjoy playing a new bingo scratch card game. Bingo Mania is already a very popular online bingo scratch card. In order to win a prize you have to match just three numbers out of twelve balls being drawn. Every game you get six bingo cards and each of those cards has three numbers hidden underneath the scratch panel. The other scratch panel hides the prize you’ll win if you match three numbers.
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A short history about bingo

The origin of bingo is considered to be Italy. It is said to have evolved from a game called Lo Giuoco del Lotto Italia, a form lottery that was run by cities or regions. The bingo we play and know today first appeared in the 1770s and has created ever since a real bingo bonanza in some countries.

This was the first time when bingo cards were used. The cards or tickets were divided in nine vertical and three horizontal rows. Markers or playing chips with the numbers one to ninety completed the bingo set. Only later the numbers were called out, like we know it from a bingo hall of today, when the numbers were crossed out on a bingo ticket. The first player to achieve a certain combination or arrangement of numbers was declared the winner. Now you can even play bingo scratch card games.

How to play online scratchcards

When you decided to play online scratchcards, the first and most important thing is to pick the proper scratch card site for playing. With the growing popularity of scratch cards houndreds of sites apperaed offering scratch cards games and new ones popping up day by day. For beginner players the best advice to start playing at a well known and well established scratchcards site which could be found easily if you make a quick search at the sratch cards forums. Listening to other players opinion is much better than listening to the fancy ads which say what you want to hear.
If you have your choosen scratchcards site, now you need to decide your budget for playing scratch cards. Although online scratchcards offer huge amount of jackpot and many players changed their life already with their winnings, online scratchcards are the game of luck so no guarantee that you will also belong to the winners. Other words: play only the money what you don’t need for other things and you will not have any problems in case of you lost.
When you decided how much money you want to play with, it’s time to register and claim your bonus. The best online scratchcards sites awards their players with massive bonuses and in optimal case you can immediately double your money and together with that you can immediately double your chance of winnigns.
The basic of playing well and win the most possible is to fulyl understand the game you play with. Before bet any cent of one or other scratch cards game strongly suggested to read over game instructions. Doing so, you can be sure you wil now loose anything baceuse you do something incorrectly during the game. Also it could be useful to try the games first in free practice mode before playing for real money.
If you keep our advices in your mind, you can be sure that you will always enjoy your online scratch cards gaming and possibly you could be the next winner of some great jackpot prize!Onl