Tired of playing Reel King Slots, video games, Cops and Robbers slots? Try some different kind of free Online Mahjong games or versions of this popular ancient Chinese game.

Single Hand Mahjong is a fast and entertaining way to enjoy the game! You don’t have to worry about the usual point calculations. The winner at this Mahjong version is the one who wins the combined table bets. It can be played with two, three or four players.

To experience the classic ways of playing Mahjong, then Full Game Mahjong is the right choice for you. A rich atmosphere, where you have to keep the balance between quick and skillful play, makes this version the ultimate challenge.

Play and compete against other at multi-table Mahjong tournaments. Outwit and outplay the other players and collect the most points during the various sessions with time limits and win big time!