Keno, Bingo, Lotto – Instant win games are extremely popular and that’s no surprise because they’re easy to play and, as the name suggests, you can cash in instantly! Now there’s a new instant-win game at with a twist. Are you ready to experience a truly mystical journey while riding a flying carpet? Remember Sindbad the Seafarer, Ali Baba and the 40 thieves, perhaps even Aladdin? That’s what 3 Wishes Keno is all about; asking the Genie in the Lamp to fulfill you 3-wishes!

3 Wishes Keno -Gameplay & Features
Keno is as simple as it sounds… well, perhaps like it looks like. Pick a certain amount of numbers and hope for them to be drawn. Simple, easy, no fuss, no strategies needed in order to place wagers and win. As soon as the play-screen of 3 Wishes Keno pops up you got to choose up to ten numbers and behold… magical things come to life. Once the ‘Go’ button is being pressed three numbers are randomly selected and highlighted with a genie’s lamp. Right after that twenty house numbers are being drawn. If the ‘genie picks’ match the ‘house numbers’ all winnings will be multiplied 8-times! More cash winnings and bonuses for you to play and in turn more wishes. Wagering starts from just £0.50, £1, £2 up to a maximum of £5.

Let’s have a look at the game-screen and the available options; some of them relevant for the game play, others to access help and support. When you try 3 Wishes Keno out at the fun-play mode you can click ‘Real Money’ in order to wager with real cash. Clicking the ‘Chat’ button allows you to chat with customer support. Checking the funds and available amounts for playing, click ‘Balance’; simple. Changing the game settings can be done while accessing the menu, the ‘?’ brings up the game’s instructions, ‘Sound’ will turn it on/off.

Conclusion & Tips

3 Wishes Keno is perhaps one of the more refreshing instant-win or lottery style games. OK, there’s not much you can do in order to increase your chances of cashing in. Unlike skill-based games of chance, like video poker, blackjack or poker, keno is based on pure luck. Yes, you need to support of Fortuna, lady luck so to say. However, you are not really tempted to wager £200 per spin like some games allow you to do so. Playing keno is entertaining and suits every player. The key to success and enjoying entertaining hours at Winnings, play responsibly and maximize your fun. Playing for the sheer excitement it is; more important that winning.

Playing keno as long as possible requires self-discipline and proper bankroll management. I also recommend playing all games first in the fun-play mode. Once you got an account at you can test all available games without any risk in losing money. Once you’re comfortable with the gameplay then it’s time to wager real money. It is pivotal to understand the risks as well as the chances. Managing your available bankroll is the key. Make use of the deposit bonus offer – pay in £200 and get additional £200 for free! With a bankroll up to £400 you can play hours, if not days, or weeks! Sign up at the Loyalty club at in order to enjoy all the perks that come with a membership, too. Playing at Winnings is safe, secure and entertaining. The site was created by online gaming enthusiast for players who just want to enjoy a great time online. Join now and benefit from all the various bonuses and promotional offers!